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Responding to the "Thread-Based Test Management" introduction

First of all, James Bach and Jon Bach, thank you for you discussion-worthy blog posts, here and here. It’s time to wake up the testing scene and your blog posts keep on doing this. Chapeau! Because i have a few … Continue reading

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Being cognitively engaged

Last night i was hunting for interesting testing blogpostings… again. There are so many people telling the most interesting and compelling stories, you could spend days on reading them. But last night one blog caught my attention. Well, actually it … Continue reading

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Revising the definition of quality

Today i was pondering on one of the definitions which originates from Jerry Weinberg, but was expanded by James Bach. The definition of “Quality” goes: “Quality is value to some person(s) who matter“ Now, i do like this statement. It’s not as … Continue reading

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